Spark : Real Traffic System

A Premium Advertising Network

Grow your website with a real audience.

Our users are Internet-savvy media junkies and power consumers eager to use your site or buy your product. Get your brand on our network of high comScore publisher sites. Stop running wasted ads with unscrupulous networks!
Choose a provider you can trust.

Only certified, legitimate publishers.

Through our RTS technology and proprietary analysis, we ensure all our publishers provide authentic traffic sources. Discount networks sell artificial and purposely misdirected traffic from spy-ware, bots, and desktop takeover viruses. These false impressions drain your campaign budget and reduce your effectiveness. Cut your wasted spend today, get real traffic at competitive rates.

Lowest discrepancy in the business.

RTS technology cuts wasted spending by delivering only verified, user-initiated traffic to your site. RTS powers through ad display blockers, and when it can't, we don't charge! We are proud to say that we are recognized industry wide for having the lowest discrepancy across all browsers.

Campaign hungry beasts at your service.

Our team will customize a publisher acquisition program to tailor to your exact needs. You mark the target and we deliver. We also offer complete campaign consulting and landing page optimization services. Unleash our beasts for your next campaign.

Ad delivery done right.

Our large format, rich media platform ensures your message is featured without distraction. Receive targeted users to your website for the same cost as banners on other networks. The RTS performing tracking system guarantees your campaign is in the right place at the right time.

Real traffic. Real people. Real Results.

Connect with your customers and grow your audience. Let Spark | RTS make your goals a realization. Ignite your site today.

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